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What are ebooks? An ebook is an electronic format of a regular book. The only difference between a regular book and an ebook is that ebooks are not printed on paper. Ebooks are published in a large variety of electronic file formats (PDF files for exmaple) and can therefore be acquired in formats appropriate for almost any hardware device. Ebooks can be downloaded in a matter of minutes depending on the size of the file and the speed of your internet connection. Ebooks come in all different sizes, depending on the length of the book and the number of images. A novel of about 300 pages can be downloaded in a matter of minutes.

There are so many different document types in the world that it is hard to determine which one you should use. The issue of sharing the documents with people around the world and then being able to maintain the original integrity of the information that is contained therein is a matter that people have worried about for years. The issue comes into play when you consider the fact that a standard word processor document can be changed by anyone who has access to it with a PC. This can create a fair amount of problems for a lot of people who wish to have a safe and secure format for sending documents to people and having them locked so they can not be changed. This is especially important to the writers of the world who do not wish to lose the work that they slaved over for so long.

The answer to this problem is PDF. PDF stands for Portable Document Format which was developed by the Adobe Software Company. With PDF you can harness all of the safety and security for your shared documents that you will not find with the standard word processing file types. PDF works by creating an electronic image of the document and then locks that image into the format so that it can be read as a document file. This is far superior to the standard format, because with PDF you are actually sending a virtual snap shot of the file rather than the file itself. This brings a fair amount of security when you consider that the person that receives the file can not make any kind of changes or alter the document in any way.

PDF is also nice when you consider that the format does not get changed even when the two systems that are viewing the document are not compatible. Unlike word processor files that can be altered in transit because of a problem with the versions, PDF is not specific to any operating system or platform. The file will remain the same no matter what the system is that it is displayed on.

Create, Promote and Sell Your Ebook

Writing and creating your very own ebook is actually much simpler than it sounds. A number of publishers genuinely claim that anyone can write a wonderful information product for the use of dissemination, selling, promotion or perhaps to simply give away to attract clients.

For those hopeful individuals who sadly are still in obscurity, rest assured that the majority of ordinary professional writers have accomplished this with great success. Some high-profile writers are literally moving many thousands of digital copies on a monthly basis.

The fantastic thing about producing ebooks is that it doesn't require much capital to start. Due to the presence of a speedy online distribution network, there often are virtually no overhead expenses. This can be the ideal launching pad in order for content writers to get their foot in the door, regardless of whether it is normally for a part-time basis initially.

The only tools you will require to create your ebook is a free of charge word processor, a software application to assemble your ebook, storage space for upload and download by customers and a merchant account or Paypal to accept payment by credit card. These are typically entirely zero cost or low-cost necessities which virtually any person can now afford.

When you have finished writing and compiling your ebook in the appropriate format, the next step is to make it available for download on your webpage and subsequently market it to thousand of potential customers online. There are literally thousands of expert internet marketers that you could seek for help with promoting and selling your product.

To view PDF files you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a free software program that is available for download through their web site or through one of the many other areas on the web. Without Adobe Acrobat Reader you can not view a PDF file. This is also another nice safety feature as many of the word processor programs can be so the document could be altered if this occurs.

About Ebook Readers: There are numerous ebook readers available, many as free downloads. Ebook reader software is essential to view ebooks and allows you to adjust the text to suit your preferences. Ebooks come in many formats (html, pdf, rtf, Palm OS, etc) and there are many ebook readers to choose from. Most desktops come with a PDF file reading program.
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